21st of June 2014 The National Day of Reflection

We the undersigned individuals, social organisations, and
agencies propose that the 21st of June 2014 be designated
as Ireland’s first annual National Day of Reflection on
institutional, clerical, and sexual abuse. On the day of the
longest light, we will take a giant step out of the darkness
created by the malignant shame of this abuse and into a
brighter future where institutional, clerical, and sexual
abuse is no longer tolerated.
To begin to accomplish our goal, we as individuals, society,
institutions, and the State will come together to reflect on
how we can heal the wounds of the past, create a present
in which we are in no way complicit in allowing abuse to
continue, and imagine a future that is safe from abuse for
us all.
We, as Irish citizens, were among the first to expose the
extent of institutional, clerical, and sexual abuse in our so
ciety; let us be the first to focus our collective attention on
eradicating all structures that allow abuse in our societies.
Let us not stand by and do nothing; let us leave a legacy of
compassion and empathy for those who follow us.
List of signatories to this proposal
The following provides the background for and motivation
behind the proposal for the National Day of Reflection:
The concept of a National Day of Reflection came from a
conversation between David Dineen, the found of Lamh
Healing foundation,
and Chris Corrigan
( http://
who is working on project design and
development on Bowen Island in Canada. As an integral
part of our discussion, we agreed that the malignant
shame of abuse is pervasive across the world. We also
identified that the structures of abuse have no barriers
and recognise no borders and that those who have been
abused have supporters who also carry the pain and
shame of abuse.
Our idea for the National Day of Reflection is to provide
a space for all of us to reflect on all our parts and roles in
allowing, supporting, and sustaining abuse in our societies.
We also want to say to those who carry the effects:
“You can heal,” and to those who hurt: “
It’s ok to be pained
On this National Day of Reflection, we will ask our societ-
ies and cultures –particularly all those affected by abuse
— to come together in whatever way they see fit to reflect
on creating a future with less abuse.
The National Day of Reflection has the capacity to be a
worldwide effort and to affect worldwide and systemic
change. We see this event growing year on year, each year
bringing us closer to a world with less and less abuse.
Sign a petition/pledge
Hold prayer meetings
Dedicate Mass to the day
Organise a walk at dawn into the light
Donate to/Raise funds for an organization assisting survivors
Volunteer to help such an organization
Organize educational/informational gathering
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