Friday 21st March 2014

Change is an important word and idea. Companies, organization and governments often talk about change and development. They say ‘re-invent’ or ‘re-brand or die’. Change and transformation is also a central idea in living the Christian life. However, this comes not primarily through effort or application but by God’s grace. Faith means believing that God truly loves us, that he is alive, that he is capable of mysteriously intervening, that he does not abandon us and that he brings good out of evil. Faith also believes that God is infinitely creative and all powerful. This is what needs to change – our understanding of what faith is. It is this faith which enables us to live the life in the power of the Spirit, as the new creation.

Lord I believe that the Kingdom is already present in the world and is growing here and now. Renew me in my faith, re-kindle the joy of the Spirit and put in my mouth and on my lips the conviction that Jesus Christ is Lord.

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