Thursday 13th March 2014

The primary reason for evangelizing is to share with  with others the love of Jesus. We did not fist love God but God first loved us. It is this divine initiative which is at the heart of the gospel message. God so loved the world that he sent his One and only son (John3:16)

Our hearts can grow cold and indifferent. We do not always feel an intense desire to share this love with others. What  must we do when we discern this to be the case? We must pray and ask the Holy Spirit to once more touch our hearts.

When we kneel before the Lord, imploring his grace: we can know his gaze of love, mercy and forgiveness and out faith and love can be rekindled.

Lord help me to realize ever anew the great treasure entrusted to me – the beauty of the gospel message, for there is nothing more precious which we can give to others.



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