First Sunday of Lent

God knows that we can be tempted in many ways. Some by this, others by that, we all have week spots and shadows. For some lust can have a hold, others greed, all of us succumb to anger, pride and arrogance. The problem with temptation isn’t resisting it, because by God’s grace when we do,we are strengthened and grow strong. The problem is giving in to it – for when we do we sin and when we sin we are in need of God’s forgiveness. The Holy Spirit gives us the courage to look with penetrating eyes into our own hearts and this leads to a lively self awareness which moves us to pray.

Lord have Mercy on me a   sinner.

Lord God by your grace may I seek your mercy and forgiveness in the Sacrament of Reconciliation during Lent.


Wednesday 12th March

This can come as something of a surprise but the very reason the church exists is to evangelize. We are a missionary people. Each of us is called to witness to Christ by our words, our actions and our lives, but also by proclaiming the new life of the gospel message. The problem is that often we can be confused or unclear on what the gospel message is. Some see it as a social message, reaching out to the poor, others believe it is about prayerful worship and so on. The gospel is that God lives us, sent this Son who died on the cross by God’s live, no one is excluded. We are ambassadors of this gospel – the message of Love.

Lord I repent of a lukewarm understanding of the gospel message. By the fire of the Holy Spirit enflame my heart and make it burn with love of you and for my neighbour.


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