Francis Thanks Charity Group for Being ‘God’s Caress’



Says Apostles of Charity Take the Gospel Seriously


VATICAN CITY, October 31, 2013 ( – Pope Francis today addressed members of the Circle of St. Peter, a Rome-based charity group that supports the good works of the Roman Pontiff with the annual Peter’s Pence collection.

Francis lauded the group for fulfilling what he referred to as their baptismal commitment.

“A faith lived seriously brings about acts of genuine charity,” he said, noting the “simple testimonies” of people who “become apostles of charity in the family, at school, in the parish, in places of work and of social encounter, in streets, everywhere …. They have taken the Gospel seriously!”

“Every day each one of us is called to be a consoler, to be a humble but generous instrument of God’s providence and of his merciful goodness, of his love that understands and sympathizes, of his consolation that relieves and gives courage,” Francis told them. “Every day we are all called to become ‘God’s caress’ for those who perhaps have forgotten the first caresses, who perhaps have never felt a caress in their lives. You are here, for the Holy See and for Rome, God’s caress! Thank you, thank you so much!”

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